Saturday, December 5, 2020

Bhumi Pujan of the country's new Parliament House project on December 10 at the hands of PM Modi

New delhi date. 5 November 2020, Saturday

The foundation stone of the new Parliament House in Delhi will be laid by PM Modi on December 10.

The present Parliament House is very old and getting smaller. That is why the Central Government is giving the reason for the need for a new Parliament Complex. Some Leader of the Opposition will also be invited to the Bhumi Pujan program. Will be a part of the project. The project will include construction of Parliament House as well as removal of existing offices and residences on both sides of the three kilometer long highway from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate and construction of Joint Central Secretariat and other buildings.

The new Parliament House will be constructed at a cost of Rs 850 crore. A new Parliament building will also be constructed where the Parliament House premises are now. Its construction is planned to be completed by 2022. The government may have a new Parliament this year to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the country's independence. Will sit in the building and celebrate.

The new parliament building will be spread over 65000 square meters. The design of the three-storey building will be such that it looks like three colored rays when viewed from the sky. The new parliament building will have 900 seats so that it does not matter if the number of MPs increases in future.

The new building will also have a constitutional hall in which the history of democracy in India will be presented. There will also be facilities like lounge, library, room for various committees, canteen, vehicle parking for the members of parliament. The design of the new parliament has been prepared by Gujarati architect from Ahmedabad.

Construction of the present Parliament House began in 1921 at a cost of Rs. 83 lakhs.

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North Korea: A man was shot dead in public for breaking Corona guidelines

New delhi date. 05 December 2020, Saturday

In North Korea, the word of the eccentric dictator Kim Jong is the rule. Here, like in India, no resolution is passed in Parliament and there is no uproar.

There are fines of up to Rs 1,000 for violating Corona's guidelines, while Kim Jong Un has announced the death penalty for violating Corona's guidelines in North Korea.

A British newspaper quoted Radio Free Asia as saying that on November 28, North Korean troops shot dead a man for violating Corona's guidelines.

The man was publicly executed in a bid to intimidate people into obeying Corona's rules. The man was accused of breaking Corona's rules and smuggling across the Chinese border.

North Korea has sealed its border with Corona. Anyone seen within 0.6 kilometers of the border has been ordered to be blown up. The man sentenced to death was a resident of the border area.

It is difficult to believe North Korea's claims, but the country has said that we do not have a single case of Corona at the moment. He is about to leave the country and go to China.

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China became the second country after the United States to fly its flag on the moon

Beijing, Ta. 5 November 2020, Saturday

China has become the second country in the world to fly its flag on the moon after the United States.

The United States first hoisted its flag in 1968, but now China has done just that. Was taken from a camera mounted on the -5.

The United States, however, hoisted its flag five times between 1969 and 1972. This is the first time that China has done so. The flag was launched by Yan at that time.

However, almost a year later, China has released a picture of the flag. The Chinese spacecraft is returning after collecting samples from the moon. Earlier, it took a picture. .

China has successfully completed its fifth moon mission in the last seven years.

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Trump's niece says if my uncle leaves the White House

Washington, Ta. 5 November 2020, Saturday

Outgoing US President Donald Trump has been described by his niece Mary Trump as a criminal, cruel and brutal.

Mary Trump is a writer and the daughter of Trump's younger brother. She has already been an ardent critic of Donald Trump. Donald Trump should be sent straight to jail after leaving the White House. If anyone really needs to be prosecuted, it is against Donald Trump. Otherwise, it will mean that we are preparing ourselves to accept any bad person.

A spokesman for Trump, however, said in response to the remarks that Mary would sell her book and would make allegations.

It is worth mentioning that Mary Trump is going to write another book on Donald Trump. She has previously written a book on Donald Trump. The book was launched in July. After that, Mary Trump also filed a multi-million dollar fraud case against her uncle. Did.

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India-Canada relations deteriorate, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar's visit to Canada canceled

New delhi date. 5 November 2020, Saturday

The Government of India is red-faced in the wake of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's crackdown on the peasant movement and tensions between the two countries are now clearly visible.

The Government of India had yesterday summoned the High Commissioner of Canada and warned him to stop interfering in our affairs or else the relations between the two countries would be affected. Now India has also started implementing it. Decided not to attend.

According to a news channel, India has informed Canada that Indian External Affairs Minister S. Jayashankar will not attend the international meeting to be held in Ottawa, Canada on December 7.

Following the remarks of the PM of Canada, the Punjabi community in Canada has been protesting against the Government of India and the fears expressed by India are coming true. Has been.

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Hyderabad elections: Owaisi's party wins 3 out of 5 Hindu candidates

New delhi date. 5 November 2020, Saturday

The BJP has done well in the Hyderabad Corporation elections, but at the same time Muslim leader Asaduddin Owaisi's party AIMIM has won 44 seats.

It is noteworthy that out of the 51 candidates fielded by Owaisi, five were Hindu leaders and 3 of them have won. On the other hand, the BJP has won only 4 seats. This time it has become the second largest party and has won 48 seats.

Owaisi had given tickets to Hindu leaders from five wards. Out of these, two leaders have lost. They have faced defeat at the hands of BJP and TRS. Hyderabad is considered Owaisi's stronghold and BJP has lost there. It's time to dump her and move on.

The Telangana National Committee had won 99 seats in the last elections. This time, the TRS has won only 55 seats.

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Internationally, Canada opposes MSP for Indian farmers: BJP

New delhi date. 5 November 2020, Saturday

The BJP has lashed out at the Canadian government for interfering in the farmers 'movement. The BJP has said that Canada on the one hand opposes the MSP i.e. minimum support price in the World Trade Organization and on the other hand supports the farmers' movement for MSP in India.

"Canada has also opposed the restrictions imposed by India on the import of agricultural products to protect its farmers. Canada has also questioned India's policies in the World Trade Organization," said Vijay Chothaiwale, BJP's foreign affairs chief. The proof is that Canada does not care about Indian farmers. What the Prime Minister of Canada is doing is a show.

The BJP has said that the concerns of Canadian farmers in India are also strangely poor. PM Modi has increased the MSP. It has provided better technology to farmers. It has given aircraft protection to farmers and on the other hand, unfortunately, Canada does not see the government's efforts.

India has also called Canada's High Commissioner to protest. The Indian government has even said that interfering in India's internal affairs could have a serious impact on relations between the two countries.

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