Tuesday, May 18, 2021

With an army of 21 million, Israel has more than 1.5 million women soldiers

Jerusalem, 18, May, 2021, Tuesday

Israel, which has a history of wars and hostilities with Arab countries, has 60 percent women in its army. Which is the highest number seen in the armies of any country in the world. Israel deployed 30,000 women soldiers for the first time in the 19th Arab-Israeli war. At that time, the world noticed that Israeli women fought valiantly. After completion, young men have to join the military service for 3 years and young women for 3 years. Military training for women is just as hard as for men.

Women soldiers equipped with deadly weapons have been able to carry out any type of terrorist attack with a single hand. Following Israel, many countries around the world, including the Arab world, have recruited women into the army. Everyone in Israel has a deadly weapon in their home, including women who can get out by hanging a weapon. At one time only women were recruited into the Army.

Today women serve in key positions in many departments of the Army, including the Air Force. Many women, such as Alice Miller, an aeronautical engineering student, also struggled with this. Israel's air force is the world's fourth most powerful. The whole country of Israel is equipped with anti-ballistic missiles. Israel spends most of its GDP on defense in the world. Every Israeli citizen also knows how to wield a weapon.

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Corona recovery rate in the country is 85.6%, news of relief came from 199 districts

New Delhi, 18 May 2021 Tuesday

The impact of the second wave of Corona in the country is now clearly being seen to be mitigating. The recovery rate of corona in the country has now reached 85.6 per cent, up from 81.7 per cent on May 3, the health ministry said on Tuesday. It has recovered 4,22,436 in the last 24 hours, the highest figure ever. "This is clearly a positive trend," said Love Agarwal, joint secretary in the ministry.

According to the ministry, 99,651 recovery notes have been registered in Kerala. "We are seeing a clear positive trend in recovery, and a decline in active cases," he said. There are only 8 states where more than 10,000 cases are coming every day. There are 26 states where recovery is more than the number of reported cases per day.

As of May 7, there were 4,14,000 cases in the country. There have been 263,000 cases in the last 24 hours. There have been less than 300,000 new cases in the last 2 days. Today's cases are 27% less than the cases on May 7. Only 69% of cases are in 8 states.

The ministry said 1.8 per cent of the country's population had contracted coronary heart disease. We have so far managed to prevent the transition in less than 2 percent of the population. The case positivity rate in the country has come down to 14.10%. This is the average of the whole country.

Over the last few days, more recovery cases are coming out in the country than new cases every day. Today is the second day in a row that less than three lakh cases have been reported. The positivity rate of the test is constantly declining. However, the spread of infection in rural areas is still a major challenge for governments.

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This is how Iran helped to strengthen Hamas against Israel

New Delhi, May 18, 2021, Tuesday

The world is watching the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. As many as 3,100 rockets have been fired at Israel by Hamas so far. Israel's retaliatory airstrikes have caused severe damage in Gaza.

While many high-rise buildings in Gaza have been reduced to rubble by Israeli attacks, rocket attacks have also damaged Israeli cities. It is alleged that Hamas helped Iran build the rocket. The British newspaper claimed in its report that Hamas, under the supervision of officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, a wing of the Iranian army, had developed rockets to harass Israel.

This wing of the army was commanded by General Suleimani. Last year, the US drone strike killed the Iranian general. Hamas was building rockets under the supervision of General Suleimani. Iran provided the technology to Hamas, and also set up a production facility in Gaza to build the rocket. As a result, Hamas's attacks on Israel are more powerful than ever.

Relations between Iran and Hamas have strengthened over the past five years. Iran has been instrumental in Hamas's efforts to regain power following Israel's 2014 attack on Gaza. A Hamas spokesman also thanked Iran, saying "Iran has not stopped our funding and has provided assistance other than weapons." This is the reason why Hamas is looking more powerful than before. Hamas has also launched Badr-3 type missiles in the attack so far. The missile was made by Iran and was first used against Saudi Arabia by the Huthi group, a Yemeni rebel group.

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said in 2019 that "if we did not have the support of Iran, our strength would not increase so much." We have so many weapons right now that we can attack for 6 months.

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Terror of monkeys infiltrating Covid Care Center, then Tantra did such a remedy

Delhi, May 18, 2021, Tuesday

There have been a number of cases where patients undergoing corona treatment have been harassed by a lack of oxygen or medication.

However, a new problem has arisen for the doctors and patients of the Kovid Care Center set up in the Chhatarpur area of ​​Delhi and that is the annoyance of monkeys. The number of monkeys in the area is very high. When this covet care center was set up, the system had no idea that monkeys would interfere with the treatment of corona. At present, the situation is such that the patients are fine due to the terror of monkeys in Kovid Care Center but the doctors are also annoyed. About 500 patients with corona are admitted here. Who have been trying to attack the staff supervising the patients for several days.

Now the problem has been solved in a forested way. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police, which set up the center, has installed monkey cutouts around the center. Which looks exactly like monkeys. The aim is to keep the real monkeys away by looking at the cutouts of the monkeys. The cutouts are placed in different places in the center in such a way that the monkeys can see it. Simultaneously the cutout is moved from one place to another.

The effect of the cutout is visible. The infiltration of monkeys into the campus of the Covid Care Center is now declining. Patients and doctors and other staff are now relieved.

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Corona had twin brothers, one died and the other lost his life

Lucknow, 18 May 2021, Tuesday

Two identical twin brothers living in Meerut, UP, have also lost their lives due to corona.

There were many similarities in the lives of these two brothers as well. Born just five minutes apart, the two brothers did engineering. Then they started working together. The people of Meerut are also in shock after the two lost their lives a day after their birth.

Gregory Raymond Raphael, who lives in Meerut, and his wife are teachers. Twins were born in their home in 1997. The two looked alike and the parents named one Ralfred and the other Joyfred. Both brothers studied computer engineering.

April 23 was his birthday and the day before that on April 24 he had a corona infection. The family also knew that the two brothers would be healed together or that if something happened to one, it would affect the other. Neighbors say that in the past, if one brother fell ill, the other brother also fell ill. A few days ago, one brother had a road accident and the other brother also had an accident.

However, Corona caused Joyfred to die on May 13 and Ralfred the next day. His father also said, "I knew my two sons would recover together."

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Gujarat out of danger of hurricane now, no harm to corona patients: NDRF DG

New Delhi, May 18, 2021, Tuesday

Following the hurricane in Gujarat, strong winds have been blowing in most parts of the state since morning and it is also raining.

The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) deployed in Gujarat to deal with hurricanes, said NDRF DG SN Pradhan, said that now Gujarat is out of danger of hurricanes and the wind speed has also come down compared to yesterday. The hurricane will turn into a depression by evening. It will bring some rain in Rajasthan but the situation will not be so dire. Now the situation is under control.

He said that during the hurricane, it was very important that the supply of oxygen and essential medicines should not be disrupted. To manage both the storm and the cowardly condition, it is good that Corona's patients were not harmed by the hurricane.

Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Amit Shah today spoke to the Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan as well as the administrator of Dadra Nagar Haveli about the hurricane. It also got an estimate of the damage caused by the hurricane and assured the states of all kinds of help.

It may be mentioned that before reaching Gujarat, the hurricane caused significant damage in Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. In Mumbai, Maharashtra, the record of the last 21 years was broken with 200 mm of rain falling in some places. There are still some services disrupted in some places.

The hurricane hit Gujarat at a speed of 185 kmph on Monday night. West Gujarat in particular has been badly affected by the hurricane.

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Ventilators sent by the central government are not working properly, Rajasthan CM alleges

Jaipur, Dt. 18 May 2021, Tuesday

Corona is being accused and implicated between Rajasthan and the central government. With a Congress government in Rajasthan and a BJP government at the Center, the battle is also becoming political.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has again alleged that the ventilators received from the PM Care Fund were not working properly. Even a team of engineers sent by the central government could not repair it. Using this ventilator is like sabotaging people's lives. Strict action should be taken against suppliers who supply bad ventilators.

He said that the state government has increased the fund of MLAs to Rs 5 crore while the central government has eliminated the relief fund of MPs. If this fund were to continue, every MP would get Rs one crore to spend on health in his constituency and especially the people in rural areas would get help. The state government is doing all it can to save lives. 70 new oxygen plants will be set up in the state, which will be operational in the coming days.

Gehlot demanded that the government should prepare a roadmap for vaccination and find out which states have been provided some vaccines. The central government should issue a global tender for the vaccine. The central government is also reluctant to accept positive suggestions.

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